Speech: VoIP-to-the-room

iCall IP-Touch

iCall brings interactivity right to the room with the iCall IP-Touch room unit with touchscreen. 

As the complete iCall system is based on open standards voice communication is carried over the standardised SIP protocol, with it being possible to register every call unit as an extension on an SIP server. The care staff can communicate handsfree with the resident from any telephone unit to learn the reason for the room call as quickly as possible.

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Also, there is no need to use phone couplers. A unit registers directly to a PBX or a SIP-server and will become a genuine internal line, like any phone, DECT or wifi handset in the system. Without any limit in number of simultaneous speech calls.

Furthermore, iCall speech units can interact handsfree with the PC nurse station or other SIP stations, using peer-to-peer. Nurse's staff will enjoy this easiness of use!

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