How to build the most flexible nursecall system?

iCall is the answer

iCall 350 LB-TiCall is the first nursecall system in the world based on the open IP-standard. The distributed architecture ensures the highest degree of flexibility without any limitation. All of the connection options that can be used for a data network can also be used for iCall: the intelligence is distributed in the IP units, at room level if desired. Furthermore, management is made easy accessible via the iMaster management tool.

The flexible topology makes it possible to implement iCall in new construction or renovation, making optimal use of existing cable infrastructure. All types of call units can be combined into a single system: Wired or wireless, monitored or standard. 
Every existing call system can be extended with iCall, furthermore, any type of alarm system, fire alarm installation and communication system can be fully integrated.

All intelligent call units are monitored, can be programmed separately, and comply with the VDE 834-1 and 834-2 standards.

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Only open standards

At IndigoCare we take innovation seriously and we are convinced that the best ideas come from our clients. We therefore rely on a system based on open standards, making it easy for our clients to customize their nursecall system to their individual needs.

iCall system schemeFor example: iCall brings interactivity right to the room. The iCall IP-Touch room unit with touchscreen makes use for the carer and the resident very intuitive. After logging in, the nursing staff can check off the scheduled tasks from the care plan and enter measurement results, such as weight, temperature, blood pressure, etc. All of the open room calls for the department are shown and the resident can also consult additional information, look at photographs, or make telephone calls. 

Voice communication is carried over the standardised SIP protocol, with it being possible to register every call unit as an extension on an SIP server. The care staff can communicate handsfree with the resident from any telephone unit to learn the reason for the room call as quickly as possible. For mobile residents, wireless call pendants or bracelets are provided with optional location identification for wanderer detection.

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With only 4 wires we can go anywhere

IP room units are connected to the nearest data switch, which leads to huge savings in cabling costs. In addition, any cable topology can be used for the intelligent LocalBus call units: 4 wires of any type will suffice.
As a result, iCall can use the same cable pathways as other technical applications, this means that the existing cabling can be reused in more than 97% of renovations. Where necessary, intelligent call units are implemented wirelessly and existing call units can be integrated in the renewed system. 

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To implement iCall seamless into your interior design, a complete range of decorative frames and name plates with integrated dome lights are available.

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