BOSCH nursecall for mobile residents

Reduce your wiring

BOSCH Nursecall Wall Transmitter N46 (434.01)In addition to the corded call units, iCall also integrates a wide range of wireless applications. 

Every combination is possible, from multi-deployable call/receiver kits to integrated receivers on the iCall network that guarantee full coverage of your building. At room level, wireless room units can be equipped with call/cancel units or wireless pull switches in the bathroom facilities. Corded call buttons can also be integrated in the room.

Reliable under all circumstances

The wireless call pendants or bracelets are completely waterproof and can be equipped with location detection and cancel functionality. Stand alone location beacons can also detect the location of a call. 

Wander detection transmitters which respond to location beacons connected to a loop or antenna may be installed on the same receivers. Doors can be automatically locked if the residents are not accompanied by nursing staff.

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