The most flexible nursecall in the world

Mission statement

The philosophy behind the development of iCall, the Full IP nursecall system, was to have only one platform for all healthcare communications (Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living,...).

iCall is designed with 30 years of experience in nursecall. Every situation we faced during these 30 years became the absis of the development of a very smart nursecall system. 

Our mission in healthcare communication is to make sure that every healthcare and telecommunication system can be fully integrated with each other. Only then a satisfying result can be obtained for the resident or patient.

A rich history

Since 1977 the original company Essec Healthcare Telecom has been a telecom system integrator on the Belgian market offering total solutions in nurse call, notification and telephony systems.
In 2005 we realised that the nurse call manufacturers weren’t proceeding on a technological level at the same speed as the PBX manufacturers were: the big move to IP wasn’t there at all, while quite some end users started asking for it. Since none of the nurse call manufacturers had any plans on moving into the world of IP in the upcoming years Essec decided to develop and manufacture its own nurse call system: iCall was born.
A new company was founded to establish R&D, production and channel management: IndigoCare.

The most flexible nurse call system in the world

The biggest advantage in developing a complete new platform was to be able to start from scratch: no history of old product ranges, old design, old technical components or drivers. With a lot of IP experience coming from the world of Ethernet and PBX we were able to develop a complete new approach in nurse call with a distributed architecture based on pure IP.
Furthermore, with the experience of old hospital facilities or long term care homes lacking the infrastructure to deploy IP-to-the-room we designed a very specific Local Bus able to re-use old wiring for retrofitting. In more than 97% of the cases iCall is able to run its Local Bus over the old cable infrastructure where competition needs to replace the existing wiring.
We dare our competitors to do the same!

And moving on...

Every new development within the product range is backwards compatible and based on open standards with the capability of extending the product range a in very flexible way. Primarily our partners are able to integrate any other application in a very fast and fluent way. Today, iCall and its additional applications has been installed in over 35 countries worldwide, representing an approximate 88.000 beds! 

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Indigo Care is currently creating a worldwide network of sales partners. 

We are looking for partners in North America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East (EMEA). 

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